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Tim Senesi Yoga is a place for you to connect, grow, and gain access to functional movement exercise, cross training and strength training, as well as the same style Yoga you’ve come to love.

If it weren’t for Tim’s guidance as a teacher— from what books to read to clear cues and precise instruction— I wouldn’t have discovered the real rewards of a consistent yoga practice. Being a chiropractor I appreciate how Tim creates fun and challenging sequences that deeply respect alignment, thereby minimizing the all too-common risk of repetitive stress.
— Dr. Winnie Monaco


two, as in 1-2, new classes  every week

I've found that incorporating strength training, cross training and functional movement exercises with YOGA creates the true pillar of health.  That's why I'm sharing two new free videos each week that will not only deepen your personal yoga practice but keep you strong and healthy for a lifetime. 

I approached Tim about a few of the issues that I was having with my lower back. After some discussion, Tim immediately gave me several exercises to help loosen the muscles in and around the problem area and key core exercises which allowed me to strengthen my core and alleviate the strain on my low back. He even took the time to create specific videos that assist in healing the lower back which I watch regularly
— Matt Stewart

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